Hand-crafted sourdough bread is made completely naturally, with flour, water, salt and time. The flavour is developed naturally, in a slow and delicate process.

The long fermentation period provides you with a hearty, nutritious loaf that is easy to digest and is better for you. Every single Hand Crafted sourdough loaf is made from scratch, WITHOUT additives, preservatives, enzymes, improvers or stabilisers. There is NO commercial yeast in any Hand Crafted Sourdough loaf.

Our sourdough loaves are made with a natural fermented starter that is over 3 generations old, which makes our bread burst with unique fresh flavours and textures.

Each of our bakers has been trained for many years by our artisan master bakers, so you know that each loaf you try has been crafted with the passion of decades of experience.

White Sourdough 800g


Semolina Sourdough 800g


Multiseed Sourdough 800g


Black Olive Sourdough Baguette 400g (Available Fri & Sat Delivery)


Three Cheese & Jalapeno Sourdough 400g (Available Wed-Sat Delivery)


200ml white sourdough starter