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Frequently asked questions

I have a question about delivery?

We have a dedicated support page – Delivery & Returns

Can I call you to place an order or to ask a question about a product?

Yes, we are always happy to help.

Our support line is open Monday to Friday between 8-30am to 3.30pm

Please call us on 01204696204

How do I redeem my coupon codes?

Please navigate to checkout, and once you have entered your shipping address, you will be given a prompt to enter your coupon code.

Do you offer trade discounts for trade members?

Yes we offer up-to 20% off all products for trade members who have created an account with us.

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How is your sourdough bread made?

Our hand-crafted sourdough bread is made completely naturally, with flour, water, salt and time.

The flavour is developed naturally, in a slow and delicate process.

The long fermentation period provides you with a hearty, nutritious loaf that is easy to digest and is better for you. Every single Hand Crafted sourdough loaf is made from scratch, WITHOUT additives, preservatives, enzymes, improvers or stabilisers. There is NO commercial yeast in any Hand Crafted Sourdough loaf.